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Dad’s role is very much at the forefront in HypnoBirthing

Hypnobirthing allowed my wife to have a successful first birth and me to help in a constructive manner through massage, relaxation, and visualizations.

                                                                                                   T Shaw



A father can sometimes end up feeling like a spare part in a conventional birth, without a well defined role in the hospital, birth centre or even with a home birth. Sometimes dad can end up feeling like a spectator, helpless and not quite knowing how to support his wife or partner.

In HypnoBirthing® this is definitely not the case. Dad’s have a very clearly defined, important role:


· You are the main point of contact between the care-providers and your partner when she is deeply relaxed, you are her spokesperson.

· You will learn the specific questions to pose to the care-providers to find out if your partner needs or can have more time to birth your baby naturally or if it is time to allow medical staff to intervene.

· You will learn how to make sure that the birthing room is conducive to a relaxed happy birthing.

· You will learn breathing techniques that will support contractions and even make them shorter

· You will learn techniques that enable your partner to become deeply relaxed, you will be her guide

· You will learn the HypnoBirthing® techniques that will make you an integral and essential part of the birth of your baby.

· You will feel an essential part of your baby’s birth and that is priceless


By having such an integral role in the birth, fathers find that this enables them to form a very strong bond with their new born child.

If you're not sure if you can or want to be present at the birth of your child and take on the role of birth partner, someone else can take the place of her birth partner, for example her mother, sister or friend.

If you are not sure, or you decide you want a third person (a Labour Companion) at the birth (as is often the case) both you and the other Labour Companion can attend at no extra cost.

It is a really nice idea for the father to be the birthing partner  where possible as it does help with the bonding process with the new baby.


Here is what some dads have said after their experiences of HypnoBirthing:


"Several of my friends have had babies recently, and many of them told me it was a traumatic and stressful experience.

They said they felt powerless to ease the pain their partner was going through, and didn't know what they were supposed to do.

Thanks to the HypnoBirthing techniques , I was able to help Catherine right the way through, and we both thoroughly enjoyed the birth - it was fantastic!"

                                                                                                           Mark Jackson











“Birth classes can be a little daunting for a man, as we are out of our comfort zone. It isn’t a very familiar topic, childbirth for men, and, I’ll be honest, I was a bit nervous. The HypnoBirthing classes are really good though, because they give you knowledge and facts. They are good for men I think because, as well as all the practical ways we can support, you also learn about the science behind it all and then it starts to make sense. We then can understand why we do what we need to do in the birth room. It definitely gives us a role, which is really important so we don’t feel helpless. To be honest though, I was still a little sceptical, until the day of the birth. It was really on that day I was fully convinced. It was amazing, such a smooth birth from start to finish and I can honestly say, this stuff really works—our experience was totally different to the experiences I hear from friends and family. Supporting your partner or wife through the HypnoBirthing programme is the best present you can give to your partner and your baby. It really makes a difference. Our baby was really calm and alert and when he arrived, not screaming or crying and, even now, everyone comments on the fact that he is really contented and happy.” 

                                                                                                                                 Greg Traynor, Manchester







Read this article about one dad’s experience of HypnoBirthing

Daily Mail journalist, Tom Sykes’ journey with HypnoBirthing. He started off not even wanting to be present at the birth….but  did the HypnoBirthing classes and ended up mesmerised by the whole experience and was never happier to have been proven so wrong