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As well as reading these testimonials, take a look at the HypnoBirthing UK website and HypnoBirthing Facebook page (check related links), which are full of amazing stories by mainly mums, dads and midwives



Parent Testimonials:


What a peaceful entrance for 10lb 3oz Beautiful Baby Girl—Breathed Gently into the World…...


“Hi Katy...Thank you so much for your help during the birth of our baby and all the help you have given us over the past few weeks during the course. It was so lovely to know that our baby had a beautiful, peaceful entrance into the world! We were so happy she is here!! Thank you so much again, we both appreciate so much and will be forever HypnoBirthing converts!!”

Dani and Arran, Reddish (2nd –time mum). Dani had a very calm and relaxed birthing experience with no need for pain relief. Again it  was a privilege to be there. Dani birthed her 10lb 3oz beautiful baby girl using the gentle birth breathing techniques with no forced pushing and no tears or stitches—I didn’t actually know when she was having a surge as she made no noise whatsoever! The room was so peaceful when her baby girl arrived with gentle relaxation music in the background. It was amazing!




A first-time mum’s Home-birth HypnoBirth!


Hi Katy...been meaning to text you hope we can catch up soon for a chat....our son was born at home 2 weeks ago...we had a wonderful natural home birth with no need for pain relief. The HypnoBirthing was brilliant and husband was absolutely fantastic (I had no doubts!) Baby is 2 weeks old now and is such a content, healthy and relaxed baby.... we are both sooo in love with him....Lots of love....

(Louise and Mateo Littera., West Houghton, Lancashire) I received this text from one of my couples - first time mum who had a home-birth ....her husband was really supportive of home birth as his mum had birthed all her children at home and so was really positive about her choice....fabulous couple and congratulations!)



A 50-hour labour—using just the HypnoBirthing techniques….


Reuben was born 13 days late on Friday night, after a truly epic 50 hour
labour. Despite this, I managed to have a pain-relief free labour, using only the HypnoBirthing breathing and relaxation techniques. The midwives/doctors seemed to think i was a nutter not having any pain relief, but using these techniques I realised it wasn't necessary, and had a natural delivery.

In hindsight I wish I had had a home birth and I will for my next one, as there was still far too much involvement from doctors, as i was attached to a monitor and drip for most of the labour, and so wasn't able to have a water birth as I had hoped. I was attached to an oxytocin drip after about 46 hours of labour, and the doctor suggested to me that no one has this without pain relief and that I ought to have a pre-emptive epidural, which I declined and managed to breathe through the surges. The midwife at one point suggested that once I got 'real' contractions I would know about it, and was surprised to see that I had gone from 2 to almost 9 cm dilated using only the HypnoBirthing techniques.

The HypnoBirthing techniques were amazing, and especially it was a brilliant way for Simeon (husband) to get involved. We had the relaxation music on throughout the labour, and he read the scripts and prompts to me. In particular i couldn't get over how effective the visualisation techniques were in focusing on specific hurdles we had. After 35 hours of labour I was still only 2 cm dilated, and for the next 3
hours Simeon talked me through visualising my cervix dilating as i breathed through the surges, and within 3 hours I had gone to 9 cm dilated! Then I remained at 9.5 cm dilated for another 3 hours, and they were threatening intervention (namely a caesarean section, despite the fact that they had done 2tests on the acid levels in his blood which shows that he wasn't distressed, and Simeon again talked me through visualising the cervix fully dilating and it worked!

Unfortunately by the end I was so shattered after 50 hours of labour, that
when it came to the final part of labour, a new shift of midwives came on and we hadn’t discussed my birth-plan and they ended up coaching me to push the baby out (which as they were threatening further intervention if he wasn't born soon, at this stage I wanted him out) so I ended up pushing rather than breathing him—but that’s ok. I am happy to say that I delivered the placenta naturally.

I really do believe that without the HypnoBirthing, I could have easily ended up a C-section.

We are so happy to have our baby boy home with us now.

 So all in all a very positive experience, and one to build on for next time!
 sophie x


(Sophie and Simeon’s story really shows the Law of Motivation and their determination….such an inspiring story…..A huge congratulations for them all and what a team!!)


Creating a positive birth expectancy and a wonderful birthing experience!


Hi Katy, I just wanted to share with you the amazing arrival of our beautiful
and most perfect little girl, who swam gently into the world  weighing a tini tiny 6lb 7oz and who is currently firmly attached to me so
contently in her little sleepy wrap.

Considering how terrified I was when I first came to you I can't believe how
calm and amazing I feel now and how what you'd given me allowed me to have the most amazing natural birth experience I could ever have possibly imagined. I was so happy to just go with the flow and let things unfold in their own way and in their own time and I couldn't have done that without learning from you. There was a student midwife there too and it was the first birth she'd ever seen and said it was amazing. I cannot thank you enough Thank you so so so much. I hope every woman in the world can enjoy and experience the kind of birth that I have.
All the love in the world, Caroline x x x


(A really inspiring birth story from Caroline and Nick Willet (2nd-time mum). I was over the moon when I heard from Caroline and Nick. It was wonderful to see the changes in Caroline from the first week of the class to the final week...she just grew in confidence and really trusted her birthing body...and to find out she has had such a wonderful birth makes me so happy to do this work….I’m just so thrilled for them!)




Natural Birth for first-time mum...what a difference HypnoBirthing made!


Hi Katy

Completing the birth evaluation sheet has made me realise without the course or without your presence my birth could have been a different story. It has made me realise how much your mind can be involved with labour and how determination for a labour with no interventions can pay off.

The course totally prepared me for the birth of my baby. I felt relaxed about the birth and more importantly in control throughout my labour. Katy was fantastic as labour support and it was her that gave me the strength and determination to birth my baby independently without intervention or assistance.

Katy is an excellent instructor and I recommended her to one of our family members.


(Nicola and Alex, Stockport, whose birth I was privileged to attend and see the joy on their faces as they met their beautiful daughter Isabella for the first time)




Empowering birth experience…...


It’s difficult to give a very accurate  account because I had asked not to be told the details of my progress and had purposely covered all the clocks in the house.


For the opening phase I stayed in bed using visulisation and the long breath –I found I often needed two per surge. These and a hot water bottle made this stage comfortable. When I was ready I got into the pool and gradually felt the need to bear down – I used the j breathing . I had the CD on sometimes and sometimes a recording of my husband reading a script. Time past and my midwife said she would like to do some directed pushing. After that she suggested we try out of the pool so we did. I knew my midwife well and trusted her. After more attempts she said we should go to hospital – the baby kept coming down and slipping back. It wasn’t painful – just exhausting. I didn’t know it but I had been at 10cm for 7 hours by the time I went to hospital. I just breathed through the surges during the journey.


In hospital they identified that the baby was at a slight angel making his decent difficult. Because I was coping so well they initially thought that the contractions weren’t strong enough and gave me a drip to increase the contractions but it made no difference and eventually I had to go into theatre and have an assisted forceps delivery.


The birth was not what we planned but the HypnoBirthing meant that I was comfortable and confident throughout and prepared for whatever happened on the day. My husband and I were a great team on the day and I think the course contributed to this too.On paper the birth looks like an ordeal but because of the HypnoBirthing, I enjoyed the day and felt empowered at the end.

(Rosie and Lewis, Manchester—with their empowering and  positive birth outcome, which shows how adaptable HypnoBirthing mums and dads are when factors in their birth preferences change and how calm and relaxed mum remained throughout. Well done Rosie and Lewis and congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!!)


1st-time mum calm and relaxed


Thank-you for being with us on our special day…

We all loved you being there...

Baby is very alert and calm and I believe that is

down to your teaching….

Again, big thanks for giving your time, energy

and love to us…” Elise and Lee(1st time mum),

Gee Cross, whose birth I was privileged

to be a part of. This picture shows the wonderful Elise

at about 10cm.  As you can see she is extremely

calm and relaxed between surges using the

HypnoBirthing techniques..                                                                                                                                                  


HypnoBirthing gave me a most priceless gift—a childbirth experience that was free of fear.”

A four-hour labour for first-time mum


”1cm at 4am, 10 cms at 8am, born at 8.45am no drugs needed thanks to the HypnoBirthing techniques learnt at classes with Katy, which were really inspiring. Our beautiful baby boy was born weighing in at 7.7lbs.” Tina and Stuart Dunleavy and first baby and birth, Stockport



HypnoBirthing for Manchester and Cheshire


Sophie, Simeon and Reuben at 2 days old having a peep around!! How gorgeous is he!! (above)

Reuben (below)

Baby Seumus wearing his HypnoBirthing sleep-suit! What a beautiful baby!

Above: Nicola and Alex (beginning skin-to-skin) just after the birth of Isabella

Below: My first cuddles with Isabella