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About Us

Hi. my name is Katy Redford and I live with my partner Greg in Manchester and our two children, Joe and Harry. I am a HypnoBirthing mum and am a qualified teacher of 11 years.

I discovered HypnoBirthing on the birth of my second son Harry. I really was anxious about the birthing process after having a long, drawn out labour with my first son, with gas and air and, finally an epidural. I really did feel that birthing shouldn’t be like that and couldn’t work out where it’d gone wrong for me and my baby, as I’d started off so calm.  I knew there had to be another way.


I found another way when I discovered HypnoBirthing®

and enjoyed a fully natural, no pain-relief, water-birth—and, if I’m honest, a very beautiful birthing experience. I was converted and was compelled to train as a practitioner so I could help other women release their fears and enjoy this wonderful birthing experience too.


I believe HypnoBirthing® is such an honour to teach as it really does bring joy to every woman who experiences birthing using these methods and, indeed, every family it touches. If HypnoBirthing®

sounds like what you are looking for, or you feel at all worried about your birth in any way, contact me and let me put your mind at rest and assure you that you can have a beautiful, relaxed and gentle birth. My dream is that every mum could give birth this way: the way nature intended.

Hi! My name is Jean Anderson . I’ve spent most of my life in the nursing/midwifery profession, training at 18 and becoming a midwife shortly after and I am also a HypnoBirthing practitioner. I am passionate about empowering women in their own birthing process and just wish that HypnoBirthing® had been around at the beginning of my career. It really does enable women to be an active participant in the birth of their babies, not to mention the fantastic way the partner is made to be an integral part of the birthing process too. The great thing about HypnoBirthing® is that it really works. I know this because of the stories and experiences of many HypnoBirthing® mums and firstly, because I witnessed Katy’s birth, when her and Greg asked me to be their Labour Companion.

At first, I thought HypnoBirthing® was simply a new-fangled method of relaxation and was secretly a little indifferent. The idea that contractions would be different in a HypnoBirthing mother to any other mother seemed improbable, to say the least. However, as a midwife, I was definitely not prepared for what I was about to witness.


Katy was so relaxed throughout the birth from start to finish.  Her contractions, or surges as I call them now, never went beyond light to moderate (as opposed to strong) and were never longer than 30-45 seconds at their peak. We put this down to the amazing breathing technique she had learnt.


I have never witnessed a birth like it, and I have seen some nice births throughout my time, but this was something else. The midwives in the birth centre said the same thing. The assigned midwife said it was the easiest birth she had attended as she didn’t have to do anything, just watch the birth unfold. Neither of us had ever seen a woman smile through second stage of labour or when the head is crowning, NEVER! This was a sight to behold. It truly is a privilege to witness a HypnoBirthing® mum and I just hope, in the future, more and more women will experience birthing in this way.